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Product Code: CK.3100/24


Parrot 3100 24V Version (this will only work on 24V vehicles)


Bluetooth hands-free car kit system boasting an LCD screen with 128x32 pixels, displaying all the information from your mobile phone. The system automatically synchronises its phonebook with the contacts on your mobile phone. You can view and call all your contacts directly from the hands-free system's LCD screen. The system also features voice recognition, noise recognition, echo cancellation, call log, and much more. The system is compatible with all brands of phones with Bluetooth wireless technology. 

Parrot CK3100 hands free car kit Advanced features

 seamless hands-free use

  • Comfort and safety while driving

  • Superior user interface with LCD display

  • Can be installed in any vehicle

  • Automatically mutes the radio

  • Uses the car speakers

  • Audio volume control

  • Quality audio (Digital Signal Processing)

  • Up to fives devices can use the system

  • No cradle

  • No wire, no headset

  • No headset battery to charge

  • Voice recognition dialler

  • Software upgradeable




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