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4G External Antenna (Weatherproof)

4G External Antenna (Weatherproof)

4G External Antenna (Weatherproof)

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Product Code: B4BE-7-27-5SP

4G External Antenna (Weatherproof)

The B4BE range has been designed to provide cost effective coverage booster antennas for 2G/3G/4G devices. The antennas are designed for wall or mast mounting and are weather proof which allows the device to reap the benefits of an antenna mounted in an elevated or external location where the signal is strongest.
The omni-directional radiation pattern allows the antenna to be quickly installed while the global Cellular/GSM/LTE coverage provided by the antenna allows it to be utilised for 2G/3G & 4G applications the world over.



These antennas provide an ideal solution for modem devices whether for domestic or business wireless data or for machine to machine applications and connected devices.


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