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Contactless Adaptor For High Speed Can Bus

Contactless Adaptor For High Speed Can Bus

Contactless Adaptor For High Speed Can Bus

Availability: Available in 2-3 days
Product Code: CL-CAN.ADAPT

The inventure CL-CAN interface ensures safe data read from vehicle CAN bus without any disruption. This way any vehicle warranty and safety issues can be avoided. The non-galvanic connection guarantees that no signal is sent back to vehicle CAN bus. Installation is easy and incorrect connection (swapping of CAN Hi and Low wires) is indicated on a LED. The interface can either be used together with Inventure FMS Gateway, or independently, with any GPS based vehicle tracking (AVL) systems.

With Inventure CL-CAN device you can:

  • Avoid cutting or soldering CAN data cables
  • Replace vehicle-specific cables by a universal solution
  • Connect to vehicle CAN bus wires at any accessible location (not only at connectors)
  • Transmit signal to a long distance - 1.5 m by default, can be extended to 20 m or more.
  • Install quickly.

Application areas:

  • Inventure CL-CAN device can be used independently.
  • Together with Inventure FMS Gateway.
  • Directly connected to any AVL devices.
  • Fuel Control
  • Signal converters (e.g. speed signal for taximeter)
  • On-board display (e.g. vehicle weight display, FMS display)

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