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Product Code: GPSCO-7-27-2458

Cellular, Wifi, GPS/GNSS Telematics Antenna

Dashboard or Windshield Mount

Cellular, WIFI, and GPS/GNSS

Suitable for M3 category vehicles (UNECE Reg 118)

With 3M of cable terminated with SMA Connectors.

The GPSCO(F)-7-07-24-58 range of telematics antennas offer a "3 in 1" product for vehicle communications and telematics. The housing incorporated antennas for Cellular/LTE, Dual Band WiFi and GPS/GLONASS/BEIDOU with a 26dB gain LNA.

Meeting the requirements of UNECE Regulation R118, the antenna is suitable for use in M3 Category vehicles (Transportation). The antenna housing is UV resistant and flame retardant, while the 3m length integrated coax cables are flame retardant, low smoke specification.

The antenna offers easy and quick installation on/under the dashboard or on the windshield using the supplied acrylic adhesive pad*

*Performance may change depending on mounting position/surface. 

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