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Professional Stainless Steel Cable Stripper Kit

Professional Stainless Steel Cable Stripper Kit

Professional Stainless Steel Cable Stripper Kit

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Product Code: KFG201T

Professional Cable Stripper Kit (Power Cable)

Retractable presser foot guides the blade to slice open the rubber jacket.

No protective cap needed.

The innovative blade guard avoids possible injury.

Versatile blade guide.

Tipped with a metal guide shoe to help peel cable jacket, six moulded notches of varying size for wire stripping.

One hand operation.

The blade guard is hinged on the handle, controlled by middle finger. You can operate it with one hand quick and easy, no slipping out of hands, resulting in a knife falling or slipping.

  • Removes the rubber jacket of cable up to 50mm OD.
  • Strip wires of varying size, from guage AWG10-20 (appoximately).


Super anti-wear performance

Micro-serrated cutting edge.

  • Easily cut the soft cable up to 22mm2
  • Copper sheet up to 0.5mm thick
  • Cable tie and assorted material


  • Also Included:

Belt Pouch - Lock mechanism prevents knife from falling out at work.

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