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J CASE Low Profile Fuse Assortment

J CASE Low Profile Fuse Assortment

J CASE Low Profile Fuse Assortment

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Product Code: AB.75

J CASE Low Profile Fuses Assortment

The J CASE low profile fuse is a cartridge style automotive fuse with a voltage rating of 58 VDC that provides increased time delay and low voltage drop to protect high current circuits.

Pack Contents:

  • 3x 20A
  • 3x 30A
  • 3x 40A
  • 3x 50A
  • 3x 60A 


  • Voltage Rating:        58 VDC
  • Interupting Rating:   1000A @ 58VDC
  • Dimensions (mm):    16 (high) x 12 (wide) x 10 (across)
  • RoHS compliant:        Yes


J CASE Fuse Colour Coding:

  • Blue:      20 amp
  • White     25 amp
  • Pink:      30 amp
  • Green:    40 amp
  • Red:       50 amp
  • Yellow:    60 amp


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