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Cellular Glassmount Antenna

Cellular Glassmount Antenna

Cellular Glassmount Antenna

Availability: Available in 2-3 days
Product Code: GXTDE3G-5F
Multiband 900 / 1800MHz / 3G Glassmount Antenna
  • Excellent performance
  • No hole installation
  • Solid state coupling
  • Can be removed without a trace
The Panorama Glass Mount Antenna requires no holes or special tools and can be quickly & easily installed on a windscreen or rear window. No ground plane is required and it will have a typical VSWR of 1.5:1. The antenna couples capacitively through the glass and its high positioning gives it an almost omni-directional radiating pattern, with a high performance similar to a conventionally mounted roof-top antenna. The antenna can be easily removed for the car wash. To transfer the antenna assembly, both the coupling box and the mounting foot can be removed and the glass cleaned to leave it in its original state.
With Panoramas' patented glass mount technology you can use your plain old windscreen to improve your calls, increase your network coverage and achieve data speeds like never before. The two part glass mount antenna system gives you all the network coverage benefits of an external antenna without unsightly holes or a tough installation process. The Glass MOunt Range can be easily installed on any widscreen and removed without a trace, ensuring your signal and widscreen glass stay clear.

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